Sunday, 10 April 2011

Evaluation editing

Once we had filmed our evaluation we loaded up our film onto the computer. We arranged the clips in question order and cutted out all the parts that we dont need. We then uploaded it onto our blog. This was relitavely easy as now we had learnt properly how to use imovie.


We carried on working on our final sequence. As our film is A thriller we needed to create the perfect atmosphere. On imovie we could adjust the brightness of the clips to create a darker image.


We are coming to the final lessons of editing now and can see our opening sequence coming together. There is a blackout where we decided to have the noise of the car hitting the girl. We found a noise on youtube that suited this part and converted it and arranged it in the correct position. We created our title and put it where we thought the title should go hwever when we played the film the image we created did not appear. We found it difficult to work imovie andjust found that there seemed to be one problem after the other.

sound editing

During the showcase the group realised that the music that we had actually put on the rough edit didnt suit the mood or go well with the opening sequence at all. wee took out the audio and found better music. We wanted a heartbeat just before the girl gets ruin over to build tension so we found one and added it in in the appropriate time. With the different audio parts we learnt how to adjust the volume so it doesnt cut straight to it. We added all the sound that we wante and put them in the correct position to fit with the clips. We felt happy that we had learnt much more technical skills in this lesson.


Since Luke has left our group and gone on duke of edingborough the group has begun to start working much more ont he technical side of things. We have been working much more with imovie and testing out different effects on the footage we have . Now we have more footage of the girl to build up her story. Wr loaded this new footage and edited onto the start of the sequence. We experimented with fade in, fade out and ajusting the brightness of the film.


After the showcase we began working on the things that we were told to improve on. We took out any unnessacary footage that we didnt need and we completly re-edited the sequence just before the girl gets run over. Sophie and Vicky decided to shoot some more to give the girl character more of a story so that the audience can connect witht eh character and sympathise when thecharacter dies.

Show case

We were given the opportunity to showcase our work and what we had done so far. We put together a rough of our final sequence.

We had good feedback from the rest of the people in our class. This was when re lrealised that we would need to work extreamly hard to get a good final outcome form this.
Good points
  • Good and clear lighting
  • Good climax at the end
  • Good and clever credits used on props
Points of improvement
  • Music didn't go properly
  • Too many straight cuts
  • Some pointless shots
  • Couldnt see girl in window at end
  • unclear storyline at points
  • Timing of fast cuts is unusual
  • Bad Title
  • Build up girls character
The feedback has now given our group a chance to work on making our sequence as best as we can make it. We have taken all of the points on board.